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Turn to ProScaffold for getting all you need from pump jacks and frame scaffolding to ladders and tools.

 We carry a variety of brands such as the AlumaBrake and Side Track Table Saw. We stock your major brand ladders from Sky Hi and Sturdy. When you want to be prepared for any type of building or renovation project, we has you covered.

At Pro Scaffold, we are prepared to work on everything from residential projects to industrial projects, from adding onto a home to developing large warehouses and new buildings. Pro Scaffold is a professional scaffolding company servicing all of Ontario and into parts of Western Canada. All products sold by Pro Scaffold meet with ANSI standard for compliance and OSHA requirements.


Scaffolding | Frame & Pump Jack

We offer a variety of products for purchase for residential and commercial scaffolding services to help you reach hard to access places that are otherwise inaccessible. This includes frame scaffolding, pump jack scaffolding as well as a variety of work stands and planks to be used in your set up. Contact us to learn more!

Ladder & Safety Accessories

Pro Scaffold provides customers with a full line of aluminum extension ladders and fibreglass step ladders. We carry the finest quality heavy duty ladders on the market to supply a variety of projects. We also provide ladder accessories for safe set-up. Contact us to learn more!

safety accessories

Safety Training

We provide a half-day training course to provide instruction on how to safety assemble and install scaffolding and products we provide to our clients. This ensures your crew has sufficient safety knowledge for use of scaffolding products. This provides basic information to meet provincial guidelines, training is only available in Ontario currently. Contact us to learn more!

Pro Heavy Duty Brake, proscaffold

Quality Aluminum Brakes

Along with the safety equipment and accessories, a project isn’t ready until you have the proper tools. We carry many of the essentials from large to small tools; at ProScaffold we offer only the best!  Our new Pro Heavy Duty Brake is portable and strong. See our full lineup of tools from aluminum brakes to tin snips.

Side Track Table Saw

The Side Track Saw Table utilizes a screw-on attachment to adapt to most 6 1/2″ cordless saw tables from major brands. The Side Track Saw Table is hinged to fold to a compact and portable size. We carry many of the essentials at ProScaffold!

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