Most frequent questions and answers

Our system can be linked together horizontally indefinitely. The Alum-A-Scaffs have a male and female end that can be nested on the jack/bench and secured with the Saf-T-Chain. This can be done repeatedly as needed.

The system is approved to a 50′ shoulder working height by OSHA.

Our system is 2-man/500 pounds rated.

Our longest Alum-A-Scaff is 24 feet. We recommend that the poles are no more than 24 feet apart. 

Do not intermix other manufacturer’s products with Alum-A-Pole Scaffolding, as stated in our instructions. Therefore, in order to assure your safety, parts of our system simply won’t connect properly to other manufacturer’s products.

No. Our Saf-T-Nets and End Rails are designed to fit our Alum-A-Scaffs only, and will not attach properly to another manufacturer’s walkboard.

Yes. All pumpjack scaffolding systems conduct electricity.


My jack is slipping on the pole. What should I do?

Is the rubber on your Alum-A-Pole facing away from the building?

If not, please turn the pole around.

Is your APC Bolt finger tight?

Do not use a wrench to tighten.

Check your springs and rollers

You should have 4 springs. There are 2 on the lower posi and 2 on the upper posi. If you are missing any springs or your rollers are flat or worn, please contact us for replacement parts.

Scaffolding How-To's

Click on any items to view set-up tips. Always be sure to read and follow all instructions that come with each product. Follow all local and OSHA governmental regulations for pumpjack scaffolding.